Making Recovery Possible.

Our mission is to make addiction recovery possible by providing compassion and guidance in a structured, sober living atmosphere. The Nicholas House's A.R.C. Theory of Recovery is a set of coordinated principles, commitments and expectations that ensure continuity, accountability and transformation in the lives of our Residents.



Accountability is the first phase of the ARC. Our goal is to work with Residents to establish attainable Recovery Goals, and to create an environment where those goals can be met and mastered.



Responsibility is a vital principle in recovery. Our residents are required to follow through on progress toward completion of their recovery goals. This one is about walking the walk.



Community is paramount. Nobody recovers alone. Our Recovery Residences were built to support lasting unity on the path to lifelong wellness and addiction recovery. They were meant to stand together.

Life as a Resident.

The Nicholas House is a sober living environment where those seeking recovery are given the tools and opportunities to build a sustainable foundation for lifelong health. Life in the Nicholas House - whether you're admitted to a York PA Sober Living Home or a Lancaster PA Recovery House in our South Central PA Sober Living network - begins with an intake interview where potential residents explore ways to contribute to the unity of the household. Once admitted, they share responsibilities, community living spaces and house resources under the guidance of a live-in house manager and an on-staff Regional Director.

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Our Recovery Residences:

Ross St, Lancaster

A large Lancaster PA sober living home in the heart of Lancaster City, the Ross Street house is strategically located near a multitude of community, employment and recovery resources.

Poplar St, Lancaster

The Poplar Street house is a Lancaster PA sober living home designed to support independent accountability in a communal living environment. Close to city amenities, public transportation, employment and recovery resources, it's an ideal place to begin the recovery journey.

Charlotte St, Lancaster

A large, ten-bed men's sober living home, it accommodates all the necessities and amenities of early recovery. The Charlotte Street house is located in the heart of Lancaster City - one of the regions largest and most active addiction recovery communities - and is conveniently located near public transportation and multiple employment opportunities and resources.

Queen St, York

As the original York PA Sober Living residence, the Queen Street location remains the symbol of our mission and a launch-pad for successful recovery experiences. The house itself is conveniently located in close proximity to a range of job opportunities and recovery resources.

Newberry St, York

The Newberry Street House is a constant haven for men in recovery. As one of our largest York PA Sober Living homes, Newberry St. supports community living and individual accountability throughout the early recovery process.

E. Philadelphia St, York

One of our newest York PA Sober Living homes, the E. Philadelphia Street house is spacious and accommodating, as well as located in the heart of one of South Central Pennsylvania's most active and diverse sober living and recovery communities.

Opportunities and Responsibilities.

Our Lancaster PA & York PA sober living programs are resident-driven, meaning we are here to serve, enhance, and aid in the rehabilitation of everyone living in the Nicholas House. Our core values are indispensable tools shared by each individual in the homes, including staff members.

While here, Residents are given opportunities to demonstrate their commitment to recovery. Each person is responsible for:

  • Active work in 12 Step Recovery fellowships
  • Accountability to continuing care programs
  • Upkeep of their Recovery Residence
  • Daily chores
  • Weekly house meetings