York PA Sober Living Homes


this is where our Sober Living Homes come from.

In His Family's Words.

Nicholas was one of the good guys. He was smart, very funny, talented, handsome and popular. Nicholas was a loving son, brother, uncle and friend. He had everything going for him except he was an addict.

He desperately wanted to be clean and sober, and he fought the good fight for ten years. On August 14th, 2012, at 28 years of age, he lost his battle with drugs. A kind heart, a gentle spirit, a beautiful boy left this world behind for a better place.

Over those ten years, the light in the darkness was always the relationships he made and the great friends who supported him through good times and bad. These other good guys came to Nick through the sober living homes he lived in. Living in community with other young men like himself worked both ways. He gained so much from his fellow residents and in turn, Nick offered them comfort and understanding. He was trusted and he trusted them. Those relationships sustained Nick and us, his parents, knowing that in sober living homes - in community - Nick was stronger.

For every addict lost there are many, many more surviving and thriving. Sober Living homes provide an environment where the addict can find structure in a disordered life, and in that, realize a peace not found elsewhere. Nicholas House will be one of those bright lights for others struggling with addiction. Nicholas would be surprised, very pleased, and truly humbled to have his name associated with the great endeavor of helping others to live full and sober lives.

The Nicholas House operates Sober Living Homes in York PA & Lancaster PA. Contact our admissions team at (717) 224 7898 for more information, or message us at admissions@thenicholashouse.com